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Winter is coming

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Watching Blackfish didn’t surprise me at all in regards to the cruelty happening at SeaWorld… When I watched it over the summer I immediately felt grief and haven’t gone one day without thinking about Tilikum. It’s haunting to believe that the complex and brilliant minds of these lives are being enslaved for our entertainment.  I cannot explain to you how profoundly and deeply saddened I am for him and the other lives that have been robbed from the rich opportunity to live full and complete lives. I hope that one day these highly evolved, intelligent and powerful beings will be left alone and the word “captivity” ceases to exist- except in the books of history.

Reblogging, because I’m happy to see over 900+ reblogs on a post I made about Tilikum last year. Please take some time to fill out these petitions below. Both are nearly filled to completion! https://www.change.org/p/ask-sea-world-to-release-their-orcas-and-dolphins-to-ocean-sanctuarieshttp://action.sumofus.org/a/seaworld-orcas-captivity-california-ban-blackfish/
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Daehyun Kim
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